Immersive 360˚ Learning

Immersive Learning is transforming how education is experienced.  It is the new learning medium.

Virtual Reality engages students by offering an immersive experience of place, time and personae whether historical, actual or evolving. Now you can experience events as those who lived them.  It can be used as a job simulator.  The possibilities are unfolding and limitless. VR provides an experience by doing and connecting; increasing impact and empathy.  The end result is increased motivation, learning and knowledge retention.

Improvements in computer technology and decreased cost, has made this technology more wide spread.

As a medium, virtual and augmented reality, along with immersive experiences are quickly gaining traction. Companies such as Facebook, Youtube and the U.S. Department of Education have put significant resources and funding in these areas. Right now, Youtube and Facebook support the posting of 360˚ video experiences. 

Immersive Learning can be used as a stand-alone learning activity or integrated with existing learning content.

What We Do

  • Create immersive experiences for desktop and mobile devices
  • Integrate immersive experiences into existing learning activities, modules and courses
  • Consult on best practices and instructional design
  • Create learning simulations


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